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All Natural Pet Ear Cleaner

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Say goodbye to dog odor now caused by dirty ears. Introducing the Dog Ear Cleaning Solution.

This breakthrough product effectively kills bacteria in your dog’s ears. It also significantly prevents ear mites from growing and spreading.

With its non-toxic properties, you will be at ease as it isn’t harmful to your dog. This product can be used to cats as well.

  • Neutralizes bad ear odors
  • Relieves itching
  • Deeply cleans ear canal
  • Soothes ear infections
  • Safe, effective, and non-toxic
  • Solves the toughest issues

The gentle ear cleaning solution for dogs & cats is here! No more stinky ears for your pet means more cuddle time for the both of you!



  1. Place a small amount of solutionin your dog's ears.
  2. Massage the base of the ears gently.
  3. Let the dog give a good shake which will help loosen debris inside the ear.
  4. Use a clean cotton ball to wipe out the inside of the ear.
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