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Heatly™ Premium Self-Heating Pet Bed

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Did you know cold is a common cause of arthritis and joint pain in pets?

Does your pet sleep on the floor or a normal non-heated bed in the winter? Then chances are, you are risking arthritis and joint pain development which is becoming a common problem in dogs and cats over 4-5 years old (especially the big ones!).

Heatly™ is the best solution that ensures your furry will enjoy a warm winter avoiding unwanted joint problems or helping recovery from existing ones and saving you money on electricity at the same time! Give your pet the warm winter it deserves!


Why all pet owners love it:

 EFFICIENT SELF-HEATING PAD: Made of self-warming technology, the bed has a reflective layer made of real Silver Fabric that keeps your loving fur baby warm in winter cold days by reflecting the pet's own body heat and unlike electric ones - it cannot overheat and harm your pet! Our bed is suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury.


KEEPS THE JOINTS HEALTHY: Soothes sore joints and prevents the development of arthritis & other joint-related problems.

 HIGH-QUALITY FLEECE & NON-SLIP BOTTOM: This heated dog bed comes with a premium quality, soft fleece cover with zipper closure. It gives your snuggly pet the coziest feeling during those chilling days. The non-slip moisture proof bottom keeps the heated dog bed in its place.


 EASY STORAGE & WASHABLE: This pet heating pad can be added to pet bed, crate, carrier, dog house, vehicle or simply laid on the floor. The cover of the pet heating pad can be removed easily to machine wash and folds up to go to the storage.




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