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Chill Buddy™- Premium Pet Cooling Gel Mat *NEW*

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Guaranteed to cool your dog or cat in the vicious heat or your money back

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Did you know that the heat stroke is a leading cause of death in pets?

Our fur babies naturally have higher body temperature than us and cannot cool themselves since they don't sweat like we do.

We've all been there, getting back from work only to find our pet laying on the ground, heavily panting and barely breathing, looking us at the eyes praying for a salvation from the unbearable heat.

That's why we've invented Chill Buddy™ using special pressure activated non-toxic gel technology which absorbs the body heat of your pet and cools them for up to 4 hours and it needs only 15 minutes to regain its chilly properties! No water, refrigerator or electricity!

Why All Pet Owners Love Chill Buddy™:

  • NO ELECTRICITY OR WATER REQUIRED - keeps your pet cool and comfy with pressure activated gel technology that absorbs body heat and delivers relief for pets from heat or joint pain. Requires no electricity; no need to freeze or chill to maintain a cool surface. The cooling gel is pressure activated once your pet sits/ lays on it.

  • AUTOMATIC RECHARGEABLE COOLING PAD - Stays cool for up to 4 hours and recharges back in 15 minutes. Just allow air to cool and recharge the mat when not in use
  • SAFE FOR PETS AND THE ENVIRONMENT - featuring a non-toxic gel that is safe for pets, adults, kids and the environment. Waterproof & Washable!


  • CONVENIENT AND MULTI-USE - folds up for easy storage; perfect for use indoors, outdoors, and on the go. 4 different sizes suitable for all pets.


  • ANTI-SCRATCH COVER - features a lightweight, portable, and puncture resistant material so your pet cannot damage the mat. That's why it lasts for years!

  • NOT ONLY FOR PETS - our cooling mat is as versatile as it gets! Use in your pillow cover, on the chair, couch or even to cool your laptop.

 Our 60-Days Risk-Free Guarantee

This summer you can make a difference. Ensure a cool summer for your furry, absolutely risk-free! If your pet doesn't like it you will get all your money back.

UPDATE: Due to high demand we're officially running low on this product, please place your order while supply last!


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